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BGCA Conference, Pushing Forward, and the College Scholarship Winner

Now some of you might be reading this and wondering what does a BGCA Conference have anything to do with my nonprofit? What we are about to say can be connected to any organization. So keep on reading :-)

Last week Midwest Studies Group (MSG) had the grand opportunity to be part of BGCA's Midwest Leadership Conference with our partner, Creative Planning.

We have been a sponsor at this conference for a few years now mainly for ONE reason. Several members of our team are former BGCA peeps and thus we know what a huge impact and difference you make to each of the youth who walk through your doors each day.

Here is the one challenge we have for anyone who attends a conference, anywhere . . . PUSH FORWARD. If you did not hear that, again, PUSH FORWARD. Conferences are great. You have the opportunity to see old friends, spend time with your own team, have fun in the evenings, interact with awesome sponsors (hint hint), and even learn a thing or two during a session.

Don't get us wrong, these are excellent reasons to enjoy a conference. Our team personally LOVED going to BGCA Conferences when we were on staff there. Everyone usually walks away saying something similar to "I walked away getting a nugget of info I can bring back with me". (Don't know why the word "nugget" is so popular at conferences)

Question. What are you doing with that info? What are you doing with all that networking? What are you doing with all the info sponsors shared with you? What are you doing with that handy dandy notebook where you wrote all your notes from the presenters?

If the answer is NOTHING, then that's where our challenge comes into play. PUSH FORWARD with something. Try out a new idea. Call that Executive Director you networked with and ask a few questions. Reach out to a sponsor/vendor and ask how their product can help your organization. Try a new leadership or fundraising idea that a presenter shared with you.

If you go back to your organization without trying a single new thing from the conference you attended then what are you even going for? Take advantage of a tool (the conference) that many don't get the opportunity to attend and PUSH FORWARD with something new this year.

SCHOLARSHIP WINNER - Ok, so this is for those who did attend the BGCA Midwest Leadership Conference. We did a drawing for a $500 college scholarship for a Club kid, and the winner was . . . . BGC of Franklin-Simpson!!!!!


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