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It finally happened . . . Midwest Studies Group was able to move to our permanent home this week. Whew, we are beyond grateful and excited. Our location is 604 Clay St, Cedar Falls, IA. So please make note of that and if you are one of our Iowa clients, be sure to drop by and say hello.

At MSG, we are no different than your organization, in that we want to grow so we can better serve others. Our new office will allow for better meetings with clients, better Zoom interviews, better conversations with your interviewees, and more. Our growth has been exciting and we have YOU to thank for it.

The best part though . . . the better our environment is, the better service we can provide you, and thus our contribution to your success. At MSG we prepare our clients for forward success by connecting your mission with your community. Our values are that we promise to be impactful, objective, affordable, and transparent in the work we provide. Let us help you strengthen your bond with donors and potential donors by visiting us at

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