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We all have learned what it means to go from Good to Great, thanks to Jim Collins. Anyone think that Clipart is part of that transition? If you rose your hand YES, then this post is for you. Once upon a time, before graphic artists were surrounding us, people made their own flyers. Printshop littered every computer in the 80's and as time went on, we were later introduced to Clipart. Clipart was great. It brought graphics to our flyers and brochures that we could not do in the past.

God really treated us good when he inspired someone to create the famous Clipart stick figure guy . . . is he wearing a hat? Does he just have a long nose? Who knows. Side note, our favorite pose, is when he scratches his head and looking confused.

For the past decade graphic artists have been been found at every corner of the country. The need for Clipart has subsided a bit, yet people still use to use it. Now don't get us wrong, Clipart is great for certain things. A bake sale, in-house activities that need some PR, or a weekly car wash fundraiser. However that's where it needs to stop. When it comes to your official flyers, brochures for a capital campaign, and booklets for your annual report, do your best to figure out a way to get them done professionally. Chances are you can SOMEONE who can donate the work or do so at a lesser cost or even find a sponsor to help print them if you can't afford to pay normal costs.

Printing something out on Microsoft Word using Clipart does the exact opposite that we hope. We hope that it shows we are budget conscience and that we want to save funds by taking shortcuts. Instead consider that having a nice piece to show others displays that you are taking things serious and that you expect quality in all that you do. (Note: "Quality" does NOT mean getting the most expensive item.).

Putting a nice piece together shows you can offer quality AND be budget conscience. Folks will be impressed.

Need help figuring our what your pieces should looking like for your upcoming Feasibility Study or Community Impact Study? Let us know and we are happy to help.

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