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Often times we go through the motions, not really thinking on things, and then all of the sudden . . . a lightbulb goes off. This MIGHT be one of those times for you.

MSG does so many strategic plans for organizations. In fact we have probably worked on about 5 just in the past few weeks alone. Over the years we start seeing and hearing some common traits that are worth mentioning. In this particular case, the question we get a lot is . . . who is our target market as a nonprofit? Many of times a nonprofit suggests that it is their clients AND their donors. We actually argue and make the case that your target market should always be just your clients. Your donors are a method to obtain the resources you need to impact your clients.

This does not mean of course that you should not set goals that are donor focused. It does not mean you should not do special things for your donors. What it does mean is when all is said and done, who should always get the MOST positive impact from your work? Your clients!!! It's why your nonprofit exists.

This small mindset change will make an impact on how you make decisions at your organization.


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