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No events . . . no way to engage with your community on a public grand scale? COVID has really made things hard for organizations. What do you do now? Consider hosting a panel discussion with former Executives from your organization's history. What a fun way for people to learn about your history while ALSO engaging past and current supporters.

Midwest Studies Group led such a discussion with former and current leadership from Boys & Girls Clubs of the Cedar Valley, to help give an example of what this could look like. Are YOU going to want to watch the full video? Probably not unless you are local. However YOUR past and current supporters will want to watch YOUR video.

*Special thanks to Jason Barta, John Tursi, James Lee, Steve Wurm, and Frank Esser for being part of this.


Midwest Studies Group helps to grow your resource development capacity through need assessment studies, community impact studies, feasibility studies, capital campaign support, and EOS coaching. For more information be sure to visit us at

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