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At Midwest Studies Group we talk to a LOOOOOOOOT of nonprofits (and for profits for that matter). One of the top questions we get is about the importance of strategic planning OR resource development (fundraising) planning.

Most see the importance of doing "something" which is why they reach out to us. There are a small number of others who don't understand the reason why it is so important. For those people, we tell them to take a very simple, one question test with their staff. Here are the instructions:

1) Go to every staff member and every board member who is part of your organization and ask "Where do you see our organization 3 years from now", or if this is for fundraising, ask "Where do you see our revenue 3 years from now?", and see what people say.

That's it. That's the ONLY step. If you have not done an objective third party planning process for fundraising or your overall organization for awhile, we can almost promise you that you will get different answers from people (you would be shocked how many times that happens). That's not good. In order to grow your organization, it's important to get every in the same direction, walking on the same road, as if it were just ONE person.

Organizations that take the time to plan together will be more in step and thus have greater growth with more team spirit. If done properly and held with accountability, these nonprofits will have staff and board members who can tell you their mission, their core values, and what they look like 3 years from now . . . all saying the same answer . . . as if it were the same road, one person.

Need help facilitating your fundraising or strategic plan? Midwest Studies can certainly help but regardless of who you use . . . strongly consider making the investment to do "something with someone" before the year gets too far away from you. ------------

Midwest Studies Group connects nonprofits to their communities, by providing feasibility studies, annual giving studies, RD planning, strategic planning, and capital campaign support. Learn more at

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