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Foundation & DAF Trends You Need To Watch . . .

2023 and 2024 are VERY important years to keep eye on Foundations and DAF (Donor Advised Fund) opportunities. Knowing how to navigate those waters can make a huge impact in how you ask for funding AND how you budget.

Here are just a few things to keep eye on according to the most recent Giving USA report. Keep in mind that these numbers are based on 2022, as 2023 is not completed yet:

- In 1983 6% of funding given, was from foundations, compared to 19% now.

- DAF's are growing, as donors continue to want more family input on what they support each year. 6% of funding came from DAF's and that number should go up.

- There SHOULD be more opportunity for funding from foundations and DAF's since their gifts are usually based on how the stock market is doing. As the market continues to improve, so should the the number of awards.

- Do not be surprised if foundations are less flexible with how their awards can be used. During COVID, many foundations were flexible on how nonprofits used their awards because "keeping doors open" was a priority. 3 years later, you will start seeing foundations giving awards based on their historical pillars and focuses.

Now keep in mind that everything mentioned above are just National trends. These generalizations should not be an assumption for any local foundation or DAF's. That is why it should be a priority for you to keep in good communication with your foundation directors and donors . . . because this COULD be a great opportunity for. your organization.


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