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If you are a nonprofit CEO or Development Director there is something we want to challenge yourself to. Don't let a week go by in which you don't have lunch or coffee with someone at least TWICE a week.

What better way to catch up with a donor or to bring a new donor to the table (literally). Here is what is great about this:

1) In a very informal way, you get the chance to learn more about someone AND share the mission of your organization. Go in with a goal in mind. Is it to get to know someone better? Do you have an ask ready? Are you going to ask the person to be on your board? Whatever it is, have a plan in mind so there is a PURPOSE to your meeting.

2) You might have grabbed a quick lunch by yourself. Now you get to do so with a friend (or new friend). So this is WAAAAAAY better!!!

3) If done right, the ROI is outstanding. A simple lunch can help you reconnect with a donor, bring a new donor on board, or interest a potential volunteer. Well worth the cost of paying for their sandwich or coffee.

4) For those new to fundraising, asking someone to lunch feels way less intimidating than making an ask for money. It feels nice having someone say YES to lunch, because it's a win for you.

Think of it this way. If you have lunch with at least 2 people, every week . . . that's over 100 donors/potential donors you are visiting with every year!!! That will certainly make an impact as you grow your annual or planned giving program.


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