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Over the past few weeks GameStop and AMC has taken over the world. Their stock prices have gone up, down, up, up, up, up . . . and then DOWN DOWN DOWN DOOOOOWWWWWWN!!!!

There is probably some sort of stock lesson to be taught there. I don't know, "buy low, sell high" is probably all I know ;-) However I do think there is a great nonprofit lesson in there.

Those stocks came crashing down because people realized there was no value behind them. They artificially grew to a price that was not sustainable any longer. There were some other reasons as well, with different arguments depending on what side you are on, but regardless of the point of view, everyone could agree on one thing . . . those stocks were NOT worth their cost.

When it comes to bringing up a capital campaign (Or any major fundraising event for that matter) the excitement is often there. It grows to a point that you feel like you are in a utopia world. The need though, is that you don't make your idea a one day wonder. Want to make your capital campaign idea exciting for the long term? Then follow these steps:

1) Have SOME thoughts in place. You don't need to have all the details but at the same time you need to have a concept in place. Get the basic "why, where, when, and how" questions down that you can share with your board and staff.

2) Keep your board and staff in the know. Let them help out. Let them be involved. Don't try to do this all yourself as it's more fun and sustainable when everyone has buy-in.

3) Don't announce things to the public yet. Keep this IN your organization. Announcing things too soon can make your campaign feel like forever and you may lose excitement from people.

4) Repeat step #2. Remember, in order for this idea to grow you can not say "MY project", it needs to be "OUR project". That will make a huge difference.

There are plenty of other steps in there as well. However the point being is that you want to make sure you keep bringing value to the table. Once you no longer bring value to the project idea, people will notice, and the shares in your ideas will go down.*

For a free walk through on how to start the process for a capital campaign, be sure to reach out to us at www,

*Also keep in mind that there is NO shame in coming up with idea, doing the homework, and then admitting that now might not be the time for a campaign.


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