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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US . . . a nonprofit firm made up of over 100 years of shared nonprofit and fundraising experience, Our mission was, and is, simple: To prepare our clients for forward progress by providing fundraising and strategic planning to which would be IMPACTFUL, OBJECTIVE, PERSONABLE, AND AFFORDABLE.

Those core values have been a guide for everything that we do at MSG. We have had the chance to work with so many great organizations since our start, such as youth organizations, camps, agriculture organizations, human services, schools, cities, museums, and more.

We love that we are able to build great win-win situations between us

and the clients who we serve. We won't bore you with the testimonials (Which you can read on our Facebook page) but instead we are just proud to say that we LOVE what we do. Connecting donors to nonprofits, coaching staff on planned giving, and helping nonprofits think strategically REALLY excites us.

Steve, Kelley, Gary, and Eric . . . our great partners over at IFC Studios and BerganKDV . . . and all of our friends who have shared our story with others . . . THANK YOU for another year of support and allowing us to help change the world for the better. ------------

Midwest Studies Group connects nonprofits to their communities, by providing feasibility studies, annual giving studies, RD planning, strategic planning, and capital campaign support. Learn more at

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