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It's that time of the year. The time in which many of you are going to start your strategic planning process OR will be doing one in a few months. Either way, before you do, we wanted to share an important tip.

As a firm who leads strategic plans on a consistent basis, you can trust us when we say we LOVE what we do. Helping organizations create synergy which brings them to the next level, is something that certainly pumps us up each day.

However, some organizations like to self lead their own strategic plan. Although we can give you several reasons why we believe using a consultant is always a better idea, we certainly respect those who do choose to self lead (which is not what this blog entry is about anyway).

What we did want to tell all you DIY'ers, is that there is one thing which can make a huge impact and difference to your strategic plan . . . using names (or job titles). When you create your goals and action plan, always be sure to also:

1) Put the name (or title) for the person responsible for that goal or task.

2) Only put one name. That does not mean other people can't help but it does mean that just one person is responsible for that goal or task.

3) Make sure the name you write down, has a connection to that goal or task, so you are being strategic.

Making sure this very small detail gets done creates accountability and helps everyone understand who is responsible, so people are not tripping over each other. You fill find that taking the time to do this creates better understanding and expectations by all, which then increases the chances of your strategic plan actually getting completed and not just sitting on a bookshelf, in hopes that someone, anyone, takes forward moving steps.


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