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COVID-19 has been interesting, hasn't it? On one hand it's been very life changing and stressful for so many. On the other hand it's taught us to sit back and relax. This has been both a good and bad thing.

The good? Well, who hasn't enjoyed sitting around, relaxing, reading good books, spending more time with family, etc? With so many people working remote, there has been less opportunities and meetings with other people. We can try to make up for it by using Teams and Zoom, but it's not the same. So as a result, for those who have not been directly impacted by COVID-19 (health, employment, etc) . . . it may feel a little zen to you the past few months.

The bad? We are starting to justify NOT moving forward by blaming things on COVID-19. How many times have you heard someone say "We are going to hold off on things until this is all over" when making a decision?

So let me ask you this . . . what happens if this lasts for ONE more day? Are you prepared to jump back into the fundraising? What if this lasts for ONE more year? Are you prepared what to do next? Having a plan in place will help get you a step ahead of others. Sitting there saying "Let's just wait until this is all over" should not be an option for you.

Now don't get us wrong. We are not suggesting that you dive into things as if all was normal. That's NOT our suggestion. What we are saying is that while things SEEM slow, you should be using this time to get your PLAN A, PLAN B, and PLAN C in place.

Remember, MSG can help you with that. With our Community Impact Studies we can use this slow time, to reconnect with your donors and talk with new potential supporters to find out where everyone stands, so you don't need to do those awkward conversations yourself. Our final report to you, will give you a glimpse of what your next moves should be so that when things DO get back to normal, you can hit the ground running while everyone else decides to wake up and start planning.

For a free consultation be sure to click on the CONTACT BOX on the bottom right of your screen. If nothing else though . . . remember . . . use this slow time wisely.

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