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No questions asked, hands down, one of our favorite books to suggest to our friends is THE IDEAL TEAM PLAYER by Patrick Lencioni. There are two main reasons we like to push this book:

1) Patrick Lencioni has a great writing style, that is very helpful for those who don't enjoy reading bland business books. This ability to write things in a fable style helps to ensure that you and your leadership team stay glued to the points.

2) The main focus of the book is that the ideal team player needs to have 3 qualities. People need to be HUNGRY, HUMBLE, and SMART (In regards to having Emotional Intelligence).

Why is this is important? Sometimes in the nonprofit world we think that just because people are NICE, it means they will be good team members. Then since we are NICE, we feel bad coaching them or firing them if it does not work out.

Keeping this entry short but sweet. When it comes to strategic planning or fundraising, you want to be surrounded by ideal team players. People that WANT to go the extra mile to make sure things get done.


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