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Laptops . . . Nonprofits . . . and Fear . . .

Remember the time when slowly but surely . . . laptop computers started getting rid of their CD/DVD drives? Everyone was panicked. All software was on a disk, how in the world are we going to get our apps and data? How are we going to share files? This idea of using the cloud and downloading apps from the internet is just a fad. Come on, be honest . . . you were scared at one point too, right?

Then the craziest thing happened. THE WORLD DID NOT END!!! In fact technology wise, people started to like it. Computers were lighter, it was easier to get software, and apps could be updated pretty fast. The cloud has been a great way for people to share data quick instead of putting it on a disk. New can also be good. Come on, be honest . . . you were pretty happy about this at one point too, right?

The same could be said about using Midwest Studies Group. Having a third party come to conduct studies that will connect you with new donors, engage your employees, get a feel for your capital campaign, or grow your planned giving program. These are things that you NEVER would have thought about doing before because it's something that your staff and volunteers should be doing on their own, right? What MSG does though, is we bring two things to your organization:

TIME - Who has the time to make cold calls? Who wants to find qualified leads? Who wants to write a strategy for a major gifts or planned giving program on their own?

TALENT - MSG has the experience and the ability to connect you donors and create qualified leads. MSG has the experience and ability to excite people about your organization. MSG has the experience and ability to coach you on building your annual gift or planned gift program.

The SMALL investment you make in YOUR organization by using MSG, will come back to you tremendous value. Higher revenue, better connections, and increased awareness are promised. Using a group like MSG might feel new and scary, but new can also be good.

Visit our website to learn more about what we do and to read some of our reviews. You can see the impact that we make for organizations.

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