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Remember going to that last job interview? Preparing for questions and getting rid of the nerves. However there was one more thing to help get you over the top . . . putting on that lucky outfit.

We all have that one outfit. The one we think helps us look a little better? The one that shouts "PICK ME" and the one that tells other people, YOU are legit. Sure, the outfit may have cost you a little money, but to look good for an interview it was well worth it.

In some ways, a job interview is much like talking to a donor or writing a grant. Think on that for a quick moment. You impress someone and then if you do it right, they give you money. Sounds like a job interview to us.

When talking to a donor or applying for a grant you need to do your homework. You need to know what you are talking about. What's your mission, what programs do you offer, what difference are you making in your community? However isn't that what every other nonprofit is doing?

Using a third party, such as Midwest Studies Group, is sorta like wearing that lucky outfit. It's that one little extra thing you can do, which gives you the jump you need to hurdle over the competition. Don't believe us? Revisit our last blog entry when a funder takes the time to explain that exact message.

Instead of using internal information, that often seems biased to others . . . choose to use a third party to gather information to show support for your purpose. Not only will you learn ways to improve your organization but just like a lucky outfit, it makes you look better and shows funders YOU are legit.

For a free consultation on how Midwest Studies Group can be a great partner with you, email us at today. IMPACTFUL - OBJECTIVE - AFFORDABLE - TRANSPARENT

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