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This video is probably 10 years old or so but still ranks as one of our favorites. It features the now famous music teacher, Gregg Breinberg from PS 22 in Staten Island. The passion he brings to his students is amazing, as you can tell from just about every video they put together . . . that they LOVE to sing. It is impossible to watch this video without it warming your heart as you watch it. Talk about inspiration.

At the same time, we believe that this video also teaches us ADULTS two things:

First . . . It reminds us of what things look like, when you have a passion for something and are able to help other people grab a hold of that passion. Imagine the next time you start a new program, kick off a capital campaign, or run that next event. If your clients and supporters could react to you, and embrace your passion, the way these students are with Mr Breinberg . . . how exciting would that be for your organization?

Second . . . We love that they are singing WE ARE YOUNG by Fun. Remember the time before you were a leader? When you were just a young person, who thought you could set the world on fire and burn brighter than the sun? As years and decades go by, do you still have that same passion? As a leader do you still feel like you can take on the world or are you now more concerned, stressed, and gulp . . . "realistic".

Our post today is to help remind us to:

1) For the best success, always share your passion with others and let them embrace it and . . .

2) Leadership can be draining. If need be, take some time to regain that passion and remember what it was like when you wanted to take on the world.

To help your passion blossom, remember that Midwest Studies Group can help you with fundraising and strategic planning support if you need it.


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