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Nonprofit Giving . . . Check Out These Interesting Numbers

2020 was a tough year for nonprofits due to COVID . . . right? Well, the answer is a strong MAYBE. It actually all depends on what type of nonprofit your organization is.

For example smaller nonprofits (Under $1M) did see less donations but larger nonprofits ($10M and up) actually saw an increase. However interestingly enough, smaller nonprofits saw the biggest increase (by percentage) in online giving.

While a lot of nonprofits actually did see a decrease in their donations last year, Human Services actually saw an increase by over 16%!!!! Which makes sense when you consider how many people hit up museums last year compared to how many people needed emergency assistance.

Looking at numbers is a great way to get a feel for where giving is right now. There are a variety of tools out there to read data, some you pay for, some are free. One free resource you should check out is Blackbaud, which many of you know for their database programs. However they also put out an annual giving report.

With giving numbers possibly looking different in 2021, NOW is the time to build back your individual giving numbers and connecting with new donors. MSG provides a variety of affordable options to be of service to you.

*Data obtained from Blackbaud

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