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"Return on Luck is a concept developed in the book Great by Choice. Our research showed that the great companies were not generally luckier than the comparisons—they did not get more good luck, less bad luck, bigger spikes of luck, or better timing of luck. Instead, they got a higher return on luck, making more of their luck than others. The critical question is not, Will you get luck"but What will you do with the luck that you get?" - JIM COLLINS

There are so many good up and coming authors who focus on leadership, organizational growth, teamwork, etc. Authors come and go, but one who has stuck around strong is Jim Collins. Why do people still read his books . . . because he knows what he is talking about. One of our favorite quotes is the one above about his concept of luck.

The concept is simple. Luck does not choose who gets it. It's what someone does once luck comes their way which makes the difference for a good leader.

That's not to say that hard work does pay off. We are not suggesting that you sit around, waiting for some big source of revenue to just drop in your laps by luck. We are not telling you to not deal with issues because they will magically disappear on their own. What we are saying is that when good luck does come your way, as good leaders, take advantage of that luck and take the proper steps needed to grow.

What's your next step if someone surprises you with a gift in their will? What's your next step if a new donor comes out of nowhere? What's your next step if your event went better than planned? What's your next step if Midwest Studies Group contacts you about our services (Hey, can't fault us for trying, right? 😂)? Or what's your next step if an amazing potential staff member falls in your lap?

Finally though, what's your plan, how do your respond, and what's your demeanor if BAD luck comes your way? Be a great organization, and be prepared for next steps no matter what type of luck comes your way.


Midwest Studies Group helps nonprofits to increase their resource development capacity by connecting them stronger to their community through feasibility studies, community impact studies, and planned giving studies. We also offer coaching for capital campaigns and EOS. For more information please visit

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