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Whether you are a current client, potential client, or an organization that we simply contacted by telephone . . . we love helping our nonprofit friends with fundraising tips. Once in a while we like to focus on something else, in this case . . . your computer network.

This snippet from standup comedian John Mulaney, pokes fun at the security we need to go through in order to simply use our own computers. Although it is pretty fun, there would not need to be a joke if there was not some truth to things.

Hackers DO attack nonprofits. Google it if you do not believe us ;-) So many times we say that something like this would NEVER happen to our organizations, but that's the same thing organizations who got attacked said as well. Remember, hackers using ransomeware do not want YOUR info . . . they want YOU to want your info. They HOPE you are willing to pay them for it. So today our advice is simple . . . change your passwords at least every other month. Also make sure to appreciate all the extra security websites ask for (no matter how silly it is sometimes).

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