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Nonprofits vs Watermelon, and Mustard . . . .

Confused by the new trend of dipping watermelon in mustard? Yeah, so are we. When it comes to trends, it seems like social media has a new one every other month. Whether we are tossing bottles, bouncing adult beverages on basketballs, or eating watermelon with mustard . . . people jump in.

What does that say about the messages you are sending to your clients and supporters on social media? DON'T MAKE YOUR NONPROFIT FEEL LIKE A TREND. Are you spreading your messages in such a way so that you will always sound current? Here are some tips to help make sure that does not become the case:

1) Don't just rely on social media. Too many orgs assume that when you post things on social media EVERYONE must be reading your posts. There is nothing more useful than getting your board, committees, staff, and clients to help hype up the programs you offer.

2) Are your board and committee members nervous in talking to others about your programs? Do they feel uncomfy asking others for donations? Then help to train them so they can feel more comfortable OR use a group like us (MSG) to bring new donors to the table.

Regardless of your plan, one thing is certain. . . you can not just keep spreading your message to the same people all the time. Bring new people on board and spread that message of yours.

3) Stories and Data . . . make sure you are armed with both. Telling people about what your nonprofit does and what programs you offer is great. However if you REALLY want to get people drawn in, make sure you have some stories and data ready to share. Not JUST stories and not JUST data, but both. Programs will always sound trendy . . . but success stories and data never gets old for people to hear.

4) Finally, do not assume that if you say your message ONCE, that people will remember. Update your social media often, boost your posts if need be, be a guest speaker, set up booths at events, visit your donors on a regular basis, put out press releases . . . make sure you are out there all year long. If you don't stay on the top of people's minds each month, you WILL become a trend.

Hope these tips are useful to you. Don't be the next watermelon/mustard combo . . . don't just be a monthly trend.


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