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To all of our current clients, past clients, and those just wanting to remain "in touch" . . . thanks again for joining us.

If you are anything like me, you enjoy the world of tech. 4K TV's, new computers, apps, awesome phones, and more. It seems that the better technology gets, the more streamlined our lives become. I mean think of this . . . 5 years ago would any of you have thought most of your board meetings would be held on Zoom?

For many of us this transition to the "wave of the future" has become a positive one. People appreciate the quick streamed meetings in which they don't even need to leave the house. Survey Monkey has allowed for organizations to ask just about anything at any time. You can even rely on apps like Office 365, to manage your work life ANYWHERE you want, so you are no longer tied down to a server at the office.

So there are a lot of positives in regards to the future. However there is one factor which we, at MSG, believe is going the wrong way . . . personal relationships. Don't forget how much that still matters (Whether people want to admit that or not). At MSG we can provide FACE TO FACE interviews that can help connect community with organizations. People we interview love it because it is done in a conversational way which allows for the interviewee to be heard and not just stuck doing another survey. (Fill out an inquiry form at to learn more)

Don't let the personal touch stop there though. Here are a few other ways you can keep things personal and not get lost in the "easiness" of the tech world:

- Write a card and put it in the mail. That's right, we are talking about snail mail.

- When thanking someone, consider picking up the phone and CALLING them. Nope, not text them . . . but CALL them.

- Enjoying the Zoom board meetings? That's great but think about still doing in person meetings once COVID loosens up. Maybe alternate between Zoom and live meetings if need be?

- Finally, when was the last time you met someone for coffee? It's true . . . Zoom meetings do allow for people to get right down to business and take up less time. However "How's the spouse and kids" is not just a stereotypical small talk phrase, it's a question that builds personal connection.

Remember, tech is awesome. Use it as a tool to move you in the right direction. Just don't forget the importance of being personal either though.

For more information on how Midwest Studies Group can help improve your Resource Development be sure to visit us at

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