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Does a good website make a difference? Will you get more clients, donors, and supporters by having a good looking website? Experts have gone back and forth on if a good looking website leads to more activity . . . but a BAD website experience DOES make a difference. Dated photos, nonprofessional look, long loading times, ads all over the place, obvious "free" web address, etc all play a role in people having a bad experience on a website, with those folks never wanting to come back for a second look. Our suggestion . . . have some outside people (non staff or board members) look at your website, and give you some feedback. Google similar agencies and check out what they are doing. Maybe even contact a website consultant to give you some feedback on your website. (Might we suggest our friends at IFC Studios at

Next thing we want to mention is the security of your website. YES, that is something to be concerned about. Instead of us trying to explain why you should be concerned and how to take steps for improvement, we are going to leave it to the pros 😉. Check out this blog entry from IFC Studios from last fall, which focuses on the importance of keeping website security in mind, and how they can help you if need be.

So think about your website, and challenge yourself this week to see where you can make some improvements.

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