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At Midwest Studies Group, we have a set of core values, with one of them being PERSONABLE. That is such an important value to us, which goes undervalued by so many.

It means that not only are we going to provide you a great product . . . but it also means:

1) That we are going to build great relationships with our clients, treat them amazing, and remind OURSELVES what it was like being in their shoes (Being former Nonprofit Execs ourselves).

2) We want every person we interview or come in contact with, to feel they can trust us and build a relationship with us.

3) Finally, it means we can have authentic conversations with clients and interviewees and that we can actually laugh and have fun during strategic planning sessions.

If you don't see this in your interactions with Midwest Studies Group, then shame on us. Here is our challenge to you. When we work with our clients we hold them accountable to the goals they set. We want you to do the same with us. If we fall short of being personable, then let us know, remind us, and help get us back on track.

What are your core values? What are you promising to live by as an organization?


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