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Our team at Midwest Studies Group is excited to work with you. Although we are happy to work with all nonprofits, our main focus is on small and medium sized nonprofits who are looking to grow their organizations. Our studies and reports offer an opportunity for your staff and board to learn more about yourselves, using our reports as a tool for Resource Development/Fundraising. Two members of our team who are here to help answer your questions are Jim Brown and Ross Hannam. Jim has been in the civic and government world, previously serving as Mayor of Cedar Falls. Before that he was an owner of a software company which focused on studies and testing.

Ross is a guy that understands two things , . . business development and community. Not only has he spend most of his career helping clients achieve success, he is also about community, sitting on a variety of nonprofit boards in the area.

(As a former football player for The University of Northern Iowa, Ross also understands smashing people . . . but over the years there really has not been an opportunity to do that.).

In our opinion, we believe the number one thing in fundraising is getting to know your clients, donors, and communities better. Sure there are plenty of other great things that help to raise money (staff, events, videos, a good website, etc) and we can help mentor you in the right direction for those items. However if you don't understand the people you serve and the people you go to for money . . . then you are off track. That is where MSG can help as we are IMPACTFUL, OBJECTIVE, and AFFORDABLE. Learn more about us at and contact Jim or Ross today, to schedule a free consultation in how we can help reach your goals.

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