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Just about every nonprofit understands the importance of Planned Giving. Those future gifts make such an impact in not only your organizations financial security but most important . . . the goal is to help provide programming for years to come to your clients. Now here is the BIG secret to starting a planned giving program. Look at the screen really close because we don't want to spill the beans to everyone. Ready? Here it is . . . You need to set up an appointment with a donor and ask.

Not really much of a secret, is it? However that's a huge stopping point for so many nonprofits. People are scared to ask donors about their wills and . . . their end of life. Now don't get us wrong, it's not a comfortable subject for anyone to talk about. So we understand why people feel uncomfortable doing it. Opposed to reinventing the wheel, we wanted to share this great article by Carter Skeel.

Ok . . . but you still are nervous about getting started. Here are two easy tips for you:

1) Find a donor you feel really comfy with. A donor you know will support and be forgiving when you trip over yourself during your conversation. People that will have a good sense of humor if you mess up. Just because you start a new program does not mean you have to do it overnight. So start with the folks you feel comfy with and then move on to tougher challenges as you get some experience.

2) If your staff and board just can not take that next step . . . the considering using us. We can help take that first awkward step for you, so you don't need to. We can help you breathe easier, take off a lot of stress, while moving you in the right direction. Contact us today by visiting our website, to learn how more about how we can be of service to you in this arena.

No matter if you outsource to us at MSG, or start something on your own, one things is for certain . . . If you don't have a Planned Giving program, strongly consider starting one.


For more information on how Midwest Studies can help grow your Resource Development through community impact studies, feasibility studies and capital campaign support, or need assessment studies, visit us at

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