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At Midwest Studies Group, we literally interview donors on a constant basis as we get them on board for a variety of fundraising, planned giving, and capital campaign projects.

One topic we talk about is how they love being thanked the most. The amazing answer is that so many times we spend time thinking of innovative ways to thank donors such as a donor wall, gifts, etc. Now don't get us wrong, donors enjoy seeing their names on donor walls (although most do prefer you not spend money on trinket gifts).

What donors really love is when they get a handwritten card. They love the personal touch and the time someone takes to send them a note. Not an email, not a quick blurb on the IRS tax letter, but an actual card.

Here are a few quick times we want you to consider:

1) Send a card after a substantial gift or an in person visit.

2) Figure out what a "substantial gift" means and send cards accordingly. Have some of your other staff help if need be.

3) Saying THANK YOU is the priority but go the extra step and say something personal. Something like:

- With your gift we were able to . . . .

- 98% of our clients were able to do ABC thanks to your gift

- This past year we brought 50 kids on a field trip thanks to your gift

4) Make sure you add your business card in there.

Do those steps and your donors will really start to notice. We promise!!!

------------------------------------- To learn more about strategic and fundraising plans, feasibility studies, planned giving studies, need assessment studies, and capital campaigns, visit us at

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