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You're about to schedule a call with a donor. Then fear takes over and you don't make the call. Even though you think you run the best organization ever, you can't seem to wonder why the person you are calling would ever want to make a gift to you.

Knowing who you should call is more than just taking out a phone book and calling whatever name you see (Does anyone even use a phone book? Hmmmm . . . well, you get the point). It's about be strategic in who you call. What's the secret formula to being strategic? It's not that secret to be honest with you but sometimes fundraising consultants keep this close to their chest. So here it is . . .

There are two things you need to look at when considering a donor:

Capacity - How much could that person give IF they wanted to?

Interest - How much would that person give based on their interest in your organization, their passions and interests, or their relationship with you or your board members?

So when thinking about who you should be calling it's important that you consider both of these items, since you don't want to embarrass yourself or the potential donor. You don't want to ask someone for something way beyond their means and you don't want to ask for a gift too high, when they don't even care about your mission.

Keep these two things in mind and that strategy will help make those phone calls a lot easier.


Need more help figuring out how to connect with new potential donors? Would your team feel more comfortable working with qualified leads for donations, planned giving, or a capital campaign? Let Midwest Studies Group help. Visit us at to learn more.

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