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Often when it comes to fundraising, we sometimes think we have to do it all by ourselves. Maybe it's because our job description says so. Maybe because there is no one else on staff. Maybe it's because you feel guilty asking for help.

Here is a tip from us . . . don't try to do it all yourself. Try to find ONE other person who can join you on your fundraising adventure. Why?

Time - So many potential supporters out there, yet no matter what you do, there are still only 8 hours in the work day. Divide the donor list and conquer.

Skills - Some people are better at asking for money, some people are better at tracking information, some people are better at marketing. Everyone brings something different to the table. Remember to find something who fills in your gaps of weaknesses.

Your Sphere - You have a group of friends who might support your cause. Adding another person to help with fundraising means there is a chance THAT person has a totally separate group of friends . . . which means?????? More opportunities.

Having one other person helping you with fundraising makes things more fun. Gives you someone you can share the adventure with, learn with, struggle with, and share WINS with. It will help keep you motivated. Again, this could be a staff member, a board volunteer, or even an outsourced hire. They key is when you find the RIGHT person, you should fit together like peanut butter and jelly. Each does OK alone, but put together . . . it's one tasty sandwich.

If you have questions about details, feel free to reach out to us by clicking on the contact bubble in the lower right of the website. Happy Fundraising!!!

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