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The world is back to normal . . . sorta, kinda, but not really. However the more nonprofit leaders we are talking to, the more we are learning that organizations are using 2021 to springboard back into action.

Staff and clients are starting to come back to the office. Donors are more willing to meet, and some orgs are planning to have live events again. If you are anything like us, you probably miss your live events, getting the chance to see people, talk with people, and even bump fists with people.

At the same time we need to admit and understand that even though it may FEEL like things are getting closer to normal . . . the word "normal" is very subjective. You can Google endless numbers of polls, each with a different thought on where Americans think we are in the process. So this is what our goal is with this blog entry and what you really need to take stock in. TALK to your people. Talk to your donors, volunteers, clients, staff, etc and see how comfortable they feel about the "return to normal". Why? Just because you are ready to have an event again, does not mean your community agrees with you. Just because you want to have a building full of clients again, does not mean your clients want that or just because you want to have coffee again with your donors, does not mean they want to see you. The opposite could be true as well, in which the community is ready to see you . . . but you are not ready to see the community face to face. That's something to make note of as well. Regardless of where your organization and community feel on the journey to normalcy, it should be a priority of yours to reach out and communicate so you know how to plan accordingly.

For many nonprofit leaders, this may feel like an extra step and that you are slowing things down. As leaders we tend to want to take action and push forward. However taking these extra steps will ensure that you keep the community happy, your PR staff happy, and your clients happy.


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