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It's about that time of the year for some organizations. July is when the new fiscal year hits and when you are probably ready for a new strategic plan. Now of course our team at MSG would love to assist you and for those interested, you know how to get a hold of us ( but for those looking to do things on. your own, we have a few easy tips for you to consider when leading a strategic plan:

1) Make sure you get some sort of outside help. Sure, MSG can do everything for you . . . but even if you are going to the FREE route . . . at the very least, find an outside volunteer to help facilitate discussion. This is for two reasons: First it helps to keep the conversation transparent so neither the Executive Director or Board President influence conversation too much. Second, it allows those same two positions to participate instead of trying to lead.

2) Be sure to facilitate not dictate. When leading a strategic plan on your own, it is easy for the leader to dictate what the goals should be instead of facilitating conversation with everyone. A plan is only fun to finish if everyone gets some input on it.

3) Finally, make sure you have a plan to ensure that things just don't sit on a shelf for three years. How are you going to do that? How often? Who will be involved? Make sure you have a follow up plan in place so that you don't have an unfinished plan 3 years from now.

Even if your plan on has ONE goal . . . at least that is something (Although we suggest a plan be a bit more robust than that. HA). Having a strategic plan is essential for any organization wanting to grow. Remember, it's hard to get where you are going if you don't know where that is.


To learn more about strategic and fundraising plans, feasibility studies, planned giving studies, need assessment studies, and capital campaigns, visit us at

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