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Planning your fundraising goals? 4th quarter for many nonprofits is right around the corner. As you budget for the next fiscal year there are three fundraising goal questions we want you to keep in mind:

1) Is there a strategy behind your fundraising goals? Did you break down where your money is coming from or did you just increase your goals by 15% because that number sounded good?

2) Based on that… your goals feel realistic? Dreaming is nice but is it realistic to expect an increase of $10k in grants to $500k? Is your annual campaign goal really growing from $80k to $400k?

3) Did you have an additional set of eyes look at your goals? Perhaps this is your finance committee or your entire board? At the very least some team members of your board? Some executive directors do not take the time to do this because they get nervous about getting feedback from others. However, taking the time to do so will give you some different viewpoints and spread out the fundraising accountability within the entire organization.

Although doing these things takes some extra work, and in some cases, a strategic plan and fundrasing plan, in the long run, it will make you a healthier organization if you take the time to be more intentional with your fundraising goals.


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