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At MSG, we love working with nonprofits who have an annual budget of $2M or less per year. We actually work with a number of clients who have budgets between $10,000-$250,000. Smaller nonprofits usually have to do the task of fundraising without the resources of dedicated development staff or funding to hire expensive outside sources.

If we just described your organization, let us help you get started with three simple steps to grow your funding:

  1. Develop a fundraising plan is what we suggest to all our clients. How much are you raising each year and where is it coming from? If your current plan consists of taking the previous year's budget and adding 10% or worse, choosing to simply slash your spending, then we suggest you take the time to create an actual thoughtful plan.

  2. Start with one to two degrees of separation when asking for your gifts. That means not just asking a bunch of random people and companies for a donation. It means starting with people who are connected to your organization (including board members) and then those who are friends of those connected to your organization. Doing so will increase the chances of receiving a gift.

  3. As we mentioned in an earlier blog post....start making connections. Grab some coffee or lunch with people. Make sure you challenge yourself to meet with at least two people per week. Have board members help if needed. When you arrange the meeting make sure you have a goal in mind. Is your plan just to introduce yourself or are you going to ask for money? If you are going to make an ask, then for what?

Do these three things and we promise you that funding will come your way. MSG excels in helping our clients create their fundraising plans, connecting them with potential donors, and training staff and board on how to make an ask. Let us know if we can assist you in your capacity growth.

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