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Last week our blog entry focused on things you should consider before moving forward with a capital campaign. Some of those thoughts were tough things to swallow for some but keep in mind that at MSG, we WANT you to do a campaign . . . but we want you to do one when the timing is right and when you feel like you have things in order. Leading a capital campaign is hard work when things are going perfect much less when you have to get things in order.

In saying that, we wanted to rehash a video we did last year, that focuses on a capital campaign from a building perspective. Katy Susong and Eric Ritland join to share their thoughts on a capital campaign from an architect and contractor point of view. The great thing about this video is that 99.999999% of you will not be using them being that you live in other parts of the country, so the info you get from this video will be entirely unbiased and objective . . . as they are not here to try and "sell" you their services.

This video connects very well with last week's message of getting a few things in order before even considering your feasibility study. Of course if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at for a consultation on where you might stand with your capital campaign vision.


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