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At Midwest Studies Group we partner with some of the most well known firms around. Why? Because as awesome as MSG is, we can't be everything to everybody. Looking for ways to increase your annual and planned giving? Looking for someone to help with some strategy planning? Want to implement a feasibility study before starting a capital campaign? Look no further as MSG is the perfect partner for you.

Need accounting help? Need help with your taxes? Is your nonprofit looking to invest money in the market? Then we have a collaborative partner, BerganKDV, who is known to be one of the best in the industry. Why would MSG want to do this ourselves, when we can connect you with a group like BerganKDV who is WAY more knowledgeable about these items than we are? The great thing is that they help nonprofits all across the country, so let us know if you would like us to help you connect with some of their team members.

Here is the second point of this blog entry . . . the same can be said about YOUR nonprofit. So many times you sit at a staff meeting, someone brings up an idea for a new program, and thus . . . the birth of the next big idea. "New" is good and by no means are we suggesting that you should not start new programs. However before you get rolling, perhaps ask yourself these few questions:

- Before we start this program, is there anyone else who does this in the community already?

- If so, do they do this great already/better than we would if we started this program?

- If they would be a better option, is there a way we can collaborate?

Asking these questions are so important when looking to expand your programs. It combats against repetitive programming, which donors will often ask about . . . it allows you to not lose focus on what YOU do best . . . and it offers the chance for collaborative programs, which are focused on what is best for the client.

Thanks for taking the team to learn about our collaborations and why having such a mindset is important for any business . . . including nonprofits.


Pictured from top/down:

BerganKDV/Brian Aronson

BerganKDV/Michael Duscher,

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