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It's the year 2021 and even though we are getting a handle on the Coronavirus, we still are far away from controlling viruses on computers, as well as worms, hackers, malware, and more. Each day there are people out there who are creating these menacing frustrations.

Your organization's office probably has a number of computers on your network. Two questions for you:

1) Do you know what internet browser most of your people are using?

2) Does your nonprofit have a secure network?

These are things that we can't answer for you at MSG but we can help lead you in the right direction. Tech Radar came out with a great article a few months ago, that compares several major web browsers, including which ones are quicker and safer.

CLICK HERE. to read the article. If you don't know which browsers your staff are using . . . ask them.

Furthermore, to decide which browser is best for you and to see if your network is secure, we would recommend you contact your local IT company. They can give you a variety of options to lower the risk of your network getting attacked. Questions on how to find a local IT company? Email us at and we can certainly help you with that as well.

With people out there trying to do harm to your computers, take the time to read the Tech Radar article and do what you think is best for your organization. Also be sure to take the time to do more DD, and read other reviews of the browsers mentioned.


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