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It is amazing how tablets have taken over the world. In the past few years alone it is estimated that laptops sales have dropped at least 2-3%. For home users, it's tempting to just have one or the other. However for many business professionals, having a computer is still needed. Tablet use for a Resource Development team can be well worth the money. It is perfect for showing videos and presentations to an individual. As people are often on a time crunch, it can be a win-win for you and your potential donor to say "Let me show you this video real quick", opposed to waiting for your laptop to fire up. There have been many of occasions a donor will want to make a quick donation and having Square to open up on the spot, is huge. The question is, which one should you buy? The New York Times recently had an article detailing the benefits of each iPad and Surface model. Take a quick read and get an idea of what might work best for you and what fits in your budget best.


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