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AT MSG, our purpose is very simple . . . To prepare our clients for forward progress. We do this by hitting our three main core values: To be Impactful, Objective, and Affordable. The reason we started this firm is that we believe all nonprofits, schools, churches, and similar organizations should do a Needs Assessment Study or Feasibility Study, but not everyone can afford getting that quality help. That's why we exist. We aren't for everyone, but we are here for the ones who need us.

What's your story? Let's ask a few simple questions, and see if you can honestly answer them:

- Does everyone in your organization know your mission statement?

- Does everyone in your organization know your core values?

- Do you even have core values or know how to figure out what they should be?

- Does everyone agree on what your core programs should be and who they target?

- Does everyone on staff have an elevator speech for your organization?

- Do you have goals for the year and does everyone know them?

Often times as leaders we try a few magic tricks, thinking we have the above mentioned items solved:

- We take an old strategic plan and try to force a new board to adopt it.

- We post our core values and mission statement on the wall and assume people know it.

- We create our core values and mission statement and expect everyone to buy into it.

- We create a fancy video or flyer and assume that donors will be in awe, and then throw us money.

- We start new programs, that may or may not align with our mission.

- We have goals in our head that we may not have talked over with staff or volunteers.

We try these magic tricks, say "Hocus Pocus", and are confused on why everyone in our organization is not on the same page. The fact is that being on the same page and rowing in the same direction, is the key to moving forward in growth. So go the extra mile to make sure that next time the above questions are asked of you, you can say YES each time. That's all easier said than done, and we would be lying if we said we (or I) was perfect at this. There are times in our leadership in which we have been great at this, and there have been times when . . . well . . . we learned that we were not. However recognizing that you need to do a better job is step one. If you need help in this area, Midwest Studies Group is happy to help OR we have a few great partners who focus on strategic planning who we can suggest.

So why do you do what you do?

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