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It is the last month of the year. How in the world did that happen? Between family, work, vacations, clients, and more, time just went by so fast for our team at Midwest Studies Group.

With 2023 on the horizon, for those of you with fiscal years which start in January . . . do you have a plan laid out?

It's funny. A coach has a plan for how a basketball team should win. A construction crew has a plan for how to build a building but when you consider that the nonprofit you run is your baby . . . your passion . . . your love . . . why is it that many don't take the time to put together a strategic plan. At the very least, a plan for the year?

We are not talking about waiting until December, sitting in your office, and scratching out a few ideas for goals. We mean making things a team effort and getting a full plan written down. You wouldn't wing it in a basketball game. You wouldn't wing it with when building a building. So why would you wing it when running your organization?

Would we love you to use MSG when choosing your strategic planning partner? Of course we would. Our interactive and fun environment combined with our ability to keep you accountable for your plan is something your team will appreciate. However, our advice to you is fully objective to the point that we will even say that we don't care if you use us (well, maybe a little) or another firm . . . but don't let another year go by where you don't have a strategic plan in place.


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