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Your Project. This Crazy World. Your Passion.

The coronavirus has played a game with the entire world, our country . . . and all the way down to your community. Just this spring you were dreaming of new ideas, putting plans in place for something big, getting ready to do some sort of big project, and BAM!!! Everything shuts down and everyone is working from home, including even you.

Just because things seem in a tough spot doesn't mean that your project is dead. Your project is as strong as your passion. If your dream is still alive for your Capital Campaign, that's what matters. Now all you need to do is see if those around you are still feeling the excitement. (Cheesy plug to use us for a Feasibility Study for such things).

Back to the true point of this post. Keep in mind how often things would frustrate us as kids. Maybe it was our first step, our first math test, our first time playing basketball, our first time playing the piano, or maybe our first time taking karate. Things go against us, and although nothing goes smoothly, as kids, nothing keeps us from our dreams.

Then all of the sudden we become adults. We hit a bump. Small ones. Big ones. Sometimes tiny tiny tiny ones. Each throws us off course enough to worry if our dreams are still attainable or not. So let this be a challenge to you. If you still have a passion, then get things done. Might take a little extra effort, but nothing that you can't handle because you're on a mission!!!!

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