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Do the "Take 5" Nonprofit Leadership Challenge . . . TODAY!!!!!

Posted on January 16, 2024 
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Happy December everyone. Time to bundle up and do our best to stay warm (Well, at least in the Midwest and North). It's a Friday and you might be wondering, what could you possibly be doing right now to make a difference in your organization today?

We have an easy answer to you for that one. A simple challenge. Something that is SUPER easy, takes very little time, and can be a huge difference maker.

1) Check our your donor database

2) Find 5 people who you have not spoken to in awhile

3) Call them (Not text, not email, not carrier pigeon)

4) Don't ask for anything

5) Just thank them for being awesome

That's it. Getting a phone call from the leader of an organization, of sincere THANKS can make a difference.

*Want to take this challenge a step further? Set aside a few minutes every Friday to do this.

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