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How To Get Your Nonprofit Better Known?

Posted on June 4, 2024 
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We get asked by clients all the time about how they can get their nonprofits better known in the community. Usually the purpose is because they want to expand their fundraising abilities. If your nonprofit is looking to be seen more in the community, here are just a few tips we give to our clients:

  1. Leave your office - Stop gazing at your computer or taking care of needs your staff can handle. Visit businesses in your area, join a local service club, meet people for coffee, volunteer with your local chamber, etc. Studies have shown that the chances of you shaking hands with a new person you never met, increases, when you are actually in front of new people. OK, we made that stat up, but when you think about it, it sorta makes sense.
  2. The "Ripple Effect" - Start by asking your current donors, board members, and staff to connect you with people they know. Build relationships with those people and after time, those people will connect you to others they might know. Rinse and repeat. Also consider getting more people to join your board, committees, or volunteer in other ways.
  3. Be authentic - In all you do, be authentic. If your idea of meeting a new person is to make it a cash grab, then people will see right through that. Always think long term and always be willing to meet a new friend whether they give you a donation or not right away.
  4. Be SMART with your goals - When you create your goals for how many people you want to meet, how many new donors or volunteers you want to find, how much money you want to raise, etc. be sure to always create SMART goals. There are plenty of internet resources which can help you learn what SMART goals are but it all comes down to setting realistic expectations with your staff and board.
  5. The Do's and Don'ts of social media - Do use social media. Update it, share it, embrace it. Don't use it as a magic pill to build new relationships. Tips 1 - 4 above combined with a social media presence, make for a peanut and jelly experience (In other words, they go well together).

If you do these things, we can promise that your organization will be seen with even more visibility.

For more support with fundraising or strategic planning needs, please reach out to us at info@midweststudiesgroup.com.

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